The ganga project

The aim of the Ganga Project is to reach out to the hinterlands, especially the villages located along the banks of the Ganga. It started out in 2012, with our founder Sanskriti Singh visiting prathmik vidyalayas to teach primary kids in a fun and hands on manner. Each day, she would spend the mornings with the kids, teaching them basics through simple experiments and workshops. The idea being to give them a break from the 'mugging' ritual that our current education system encourages and get them thinking and questioning everything around them.

It was then, (more about the early experiment can be read here) and this is today now, in 2018. The Ganga Project is one dream that we at Sparkles Science just don't give up on. 


Sparkles Science is a private trust that hosts hands-on science based activities for children to bring Science education alive for them. This trust is an education platform created to promote free and progressive thinking in children. Leading newspapers have covered our story. Here is one covered by Hindu and you can read it here. The FB Link for the organisation is here


We are seeking to start a hands on science center in Varanasi. A Tinker lab where students and teachers can made scientific toys from trash and learn science around them with real hands on manner. A lab to promote fresh design thinking and support innovative methods of observing the world around us. To achieve its vision of hands on science popularization this center would be doing the following :-


1) Running different education programs through the Sparkles Science Club :- 

A July - Jan Six month workshop on hands on science.

Workshops :- Festival science camps, Summer Science Camp


2) Publishing and making Sparkles Science Kit & Books :- 

To spread and popularize alternative science in villages we would be doing complementary training of teachers and workshop of kids supported by science kits.


3) Annual science popularization programs: - 

Science festival/ Science Exhibition / set up laboratories

Educator training / conduct workshops for parents /shows for schools 

We are looking to partner with the Varanasi community, from parents group, education institutions who would want to support the cause of making hands on science for primary school kids a day to day thing in Varanasi. Please feel free to write to if you would like to collaborate, or if you have any advice.