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Sparkles Science was set up with the aim of taking science and its wonders to all kids. We believe in catering not just to the privileged classes but to rural areas and the financially challenged. This is why we have partnered with Door Step School, Mumbai and Asha Kiran to reach out to more kids. We also hold teacher training at our centre and help set up labs for schools. Periodically we also do science popularisation shows at Mindsprings, TataMemorial Hospital, Duhita foundation, Impaact Foundation, Indian women scientist association amongst many others.

Our founder is also on a mission to reach out to the little ones along the banks of the Ganga, in Varanasi. A project, started in 2012, the aim is to teach at local schools and inculcate the habit of learning so they can get "freedom from rote".

Sparkles Science centre, institutionalizing a place where underprivileged children can  develop a scientific temperament. A place which will give enough opportunity for children to find science around them and not in books and DIY science kits . A place for nature trails, Qilla trails, pop up science museums, tinker lab, workshops and much more in Navi Mumbai . If you want to take a set of underprivileged kids on a science trip. Contact us on 9619780981