School Events

For a dash of freshness in the school cultural and academic programs we are invited on different occasions like children's day, Maria Montessori Anniversary, Annual Day, Science Day etc. With our various shows and workshops and hands on experiments stations we add a zing of freshness, fog, fumes, bubbles and laughter to the events. Highly appreciated and liked by all parents children and school fraternity.

1) Science Fest - on childrens day, founders day etc 

2) Science Exhibitions

3) Curriculum intervention : Classroom teaching by Sparkles Scientists, compulsory for all kids. Done in School hours.

4) After School program : Voluntary option for parents

5) Teacher Training 

6) Laboratory Set up 


To bring in progressive teaching methodology to schools, we train teachers on bringing in a fresh thought to the way they teach in class lot of variety of topics. Bringing in presentation skills, which appeal to kids. Teaching strategies to keep it fun, rigorous and in depth. Our education set up is largely dependent on rote learning and memorizing lines. If we have to change this, we have to tap teachers. That's what Sparkles is doing. Once a week, we train teachers at our center, teaching them simple experiments and techniques to make learning fun for kids. The trick is to be able to kindle the child's interest. This could be done through stories, plays, colors, experiments and so many different ways. At Sparkles, we are always trying to come up with more ideas so we can set children free from rote learning.


We help schools in setting up science labs. These labs have table top models with charts, product and teacher training manuals. We also train the school staff on use of various equipment and their upkeep. Sparkles has already set up a number of science labs in partnership with schools and NGOs across Mumbai. Get in touch with us for setting up a lab in your school.